Webguru Infosystems Launches An eLearning Management System

Kolkata, India – Webguru Infosystems has brought out a powerful eLearning management system to cater to the business and training needs of corporates and educational institutes. The dynamic software suite is extremely user friendly and includes comprehensive features that facilitate activities such as hosting, uploading, monitoring, assessing, and administering online learning. The elearning solution has a simple learning as well as training interface for students and trainees to undergo various online courses as per their convenience.

The expert developers at Webguru Infosystems have studied the difficulties learners often face in navigating various online sites. To ensure learners or trainees enjoy a seamless browsing experience, the trendy elearning management system comes with attractive design templates, easy to read links, and soothing fonts and colour palette. The elearning software suite is not only easy to navigate for the learners/trainees but equally so for the administrators, teachers and trainers. The quick enrolment process, among others, happens to be one of the highlights of this state of the art eLearning solution kit with provisions for both individual and bulk enrolment in specific courses/batches.

As user engagement remains the key for the success of any online resource, the dynamic eLearning management tool can be loaded with attractive videos and PDFs by the administrators pertaining to specific subjects or training modules.

Find out more about the powerful eLearning management system and its slew of user friendly features at https://www.webguru-india.com/elearning-management-system.