Web3D 2021 Highlights Convergence Research and Industrial Use Cases Across the Web

Join this year’s Annual ACM Web3D 2021 Conference, a VIRTUAL event from Nov. 8-12, 2021. The conference is hosted by Visual Computing Lab of CNR-ISTI (Pisa, Italy) and sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH in cooperation with the Web3D Consortium. 
This year’s theme is “A Shared 3D Workspace” to emphasize the increasingly global scope and the wide impact of working together online, which has become commonplace in the last year. The sudden switch to remote teaching/working/interacting raised many urgent requests for new tools, systems, and paradigms. With free registration (thanks to Web3D 2021 sponsors), join and engage with the future of the 3D Web.
The conference program brings its signature top-quality papers, tutorials, workshops, industrial use cases and a humanoid animation competition. From virtual reality to web publishing, scanning, and medicine, this conference brings together experts from the fields of medicine, AR/VR, digital twins, and design, printing and scanning to discuss the future of Web3D, identify barriers, and find common denominators to advance this technology. The Keynote Speaker will be Thierry Duval on the topic “Meeting the requirements for an efficient collaboration within 3D Collaborative Virtual Environments: a survey of 30 years of practice.”
There is an explosion of interactive 3D content on the web with WebGL now widely supported by browsers, tools such as X3D, X3DOM, X_ITE, three.js, glTF, and A-Frame. Today, anyone can create and consume Web3D content for virtually any domain or application. Commercial game engines such as Unity, Unreal, and Castle Game Engine offer more and more ways to integrate open specifications and Standard formats in their applications.
Join the conference and explore the many applications and benefits of publishing in the WWW ecosystem. Learn about Web3D technology from tutorials and participate in the workshops and industrial use cases discussions. Sponsors for Web3D 2021 include SIGGRAPH, Khronos Group, IVN Networks, and The Web3D Consortium.
About the Web3D Consortium: The Web3D Consortium is a non-profit, international standards organization that originally spearheaded the development of the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML 97) specifications. Today, the Web3D Consortium is utilizing its broad-based industry support to continue developing the X3D® specification, for communicating 3D on the web, between applications and across distributed networks and web services. Through well-coordinated efforts with the ISO, W3C, DICOM, OGC and now HL7, the Web3D Consortium is maintaining and extending its standardization activities. Visit the Web3D Consortium at http://www.web3d.org.
Web3D Consortium® is a registered trademark and X3D™ is a trademark of The Web3D Consortium.
Contact: Anita HaveleExecutive Director, Web3D Consortiumanita.havele (at) web3d.org
Source: Web3D Consortium