We Rise and Startup Genome Partner to Research Women in the European Tech Ecosystem

Startup Genome and We Rise have partnered to study female leaders and women working in the European technology startup ecosystem. They are supported in this initiative by StartupAmsterdam, a program from the City of Amsterdam. All parties are working together to analyze the women in the technology landscape in Europe and rank the 25 top European ecosystems for female leaders. 
Startup Genome and We Rise have considered the percentage of funding that female founders received, the overall percentage of female leaders in tech startups in Europe, and the percentage of women working in technology. 
In their analysis, they uncovered that:
Insights gleaned from this analysis will assist Europe’s entrepreneurial tech community leaders and stakeholders in identifying how to foster more new female-led tech startups, how to involve more women in tech-related jobs, and how to accelerate the business success of women in the tech ecosystem. The findings and methodology of The Representation of Female Leaders and Women Working in the European Tech Startup Ecosystem can be found here.
Startup Genome is best known for its widely read Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER), which documents and ranks startup ecosystems all over the world. Startup Genome not only informs the world about the state of startups, but with 100 clients across six continents in more than 40 countries to date, it is the world-leading research and policy advisory organization for public and private agencies committed to accelerating the success of their startup ecosystem.
“These insights into the share of female leaders in tech startups confirm a perceived gap in gender equality, but also reveal a huge opportunity,” says Hazel Boydell, Editor in Chief at Startup Genome. “By providing a better understanding of the landscape, we hope to encourage real action toward gender parity in both European and global technology ecosystems.”
“Looking at current data and rankings, the Amsterdam ecosystem needs to do better when it comes to the representation of women in entrepreneurship and tech,” says Semra Celebi, Female Entrepreneurship and Women in Tech Lead at StartupAmsterdam. “Therefore, StartupAmsterdam joined forces with We Rise, bringing together more than 20 female-focused organizations to create and accelerate the change that is needed in Amsterdam and beyond. We hope that in the coming years, corporates and other ecosystem stakeholders will join us on this collaborative mission to create a startup and tech ecosystem that truly reflects Amsterdam society.” 
Startup Genome’s data-driven insights provide local innovation policy leaders with clarity, momentum, and strategy to help them focus their growth-focused actions. Working side-by-side with 300 partner organizations, Startup Genome’s frameworks and methodologies are instrumental in building foundations for startups to grow. Startup Genome identifies key gaps in startup ecosystems and prioritizes actions to fuel sustained economic growth—rooted in more than a decade of independent research with data on 3 million companies across 280 cities. Find out more by contacting Adam Bregu at adam@startupgenome.com, and visiting startupgenome.com and LinkedIn. 
We Rise is a female hub project based in Amsterdam, aiming for gender equality and diversity in digital and tech-related workplaces. In collaboration with other female partner organizations, We Rise’s cornerstones are to collect ecosystem data, strengthen knowledge and network opportunities, and to increase visibility and representation of female entrepreneurs and women in the tech sector in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region and beyond. The We Rise program evolves around tech courses and training, workshops, mentoring sessions, networking events, and much more. Find out more by contacting Dieuwke van Buren at dieuwke@we-rise.co, and visiting we-rise.co and LinkedIn.
Created in 2015, StartupAmsterdam is an action program run by the City of Amsterdam that brings the public and private sectors together to support the startups, scaleups, entrepreneurs, and other players in the local ecosystem. By taking part in dozens of projects and initiatives promoting innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship, it has helped the Dutch capital become a major player in the global scene. Find out more by contacting Semra Celebi at s.celebi@amsterdam.nl, and visiting startupamsterdam.org and LinkedIn.
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Tricia Naik
COO, Startup Genome
Source: Startup Genome