We gladly invite you 3rd International Conference on Dental Health and Oral Hygiene to be held from July 13-14,2020 in Amsterdam

Dental Health provides all participants an opportunity to exchange knowledge, share ideas and collaborate on new researches to strengthen and develop the advancements we’ve achieved thus far, thereby, improving oral health in the region and throughout the world

It is through research that oral health has been given its much-deserved attention and is now considered an important aspect of the overall well-being of an individual.

Dental Health Conference targets to bang together researchers, healthcare professionals, experts and researchers working under academia and dental industry professionals, Scientists and students all over the world to provide an international standard of original research results, new ideas, and practical development experiences.

Conference participation opportunities:
We have so many participation categories to involve this conference. Researchers and Faculty Members, Speaker Presentations, Poster Display, Symposium Hosting (4-5 Members Team), Workshop organizing, Business delegates, Student delegates, Young research forum awards, poster presentation, and many more sections.

Who can attend?
Dental Health 2020 aims to gather the Medical Dean, Head of the department, Dentistry, Dental medicine specialist Healthcare professionals, Faculty of cosmetic dentistry, Orthodontics, Dental professions, Dental researchers, Students, and all the Dental health and oral care professionals can come and share the things.
• A New Revolution in Dental Health
• Healthcare is a right not an exemption
• Putting a smile on every face
• Smiles that fit your lifestyle
• Keeping your oral health & fortunate

For more information contact us through:
Sarah Christine-Program Manager
Contact us on what’s app: +44-1829-580014 or call us at: +44-203-769-1755
Email: dentalhealth@alliedforums.org