Washington Department of Early Learning Approves DayCare Works for Electronic Attendance Tracking

Starting July 1, 2018, all providers accepting Working Connections Child Care subsidies will be required to track attendance using an electronic attendance system.

This new requirement applies to child care centers, family home child care providers, and Family, Friend and Neighbor (FFN) providers. Providers must use a system approved by the Washington Department or Early Learning to track attendance. The DEL is implementing these requirements to improve how they track children’s participation in child care by accurately recording, storing and reporting on child attendance to support provider billing. The DEL’s goals are to save providers time, cost taxpayers less and reduce attendance inaccuracies.

DayCare Works has been approved by the State of Washington Department of Early Learning as a certified child care attendance system. DayCare Works meets all the requirements for electronic attendance tracking as mandated by the DEL. Including:

– A commercially available system that securely manages and tracks attendance electronically.
– Requires an authentication mechanism for authorized parents or designees to check in/out children such as: PIN, signature, photo, etc.
– Identifies the child care facility by using the Social Services Payment System (SSPS) number.
– Records who signed in/out the child as well as when and how they signed the child in/out.
– Allows reporting, formatting, and exporting electronically attendance data (over a range of dates) to the state.
– Identifies each individual sign in/out as a transaction.
– Allows searching and retrieval of the electronic records throughout the required retention period.

These are just some of the attendance tracking and reporting features available for providers and care givers within the DayCare Works platform. To learn more about the DEL requirements and how DayCare Works can help you meet these requirements, please contact us at 1-888-600-7111 or visit us at www.cirrusgroup.com