Warren O. Crabb’s New Book ‘Finding Norma Jeane’ Chronicles the Many Phases of a Man’s Life Throughout Adventures, Sorrow, Regrets, and Hope

Warren O. Crabb, a minister, public speaker, mentor, mental health specialist, songwriter, playwright, novelist, actor, singer, and stand-up comedian, has completed his most recent book “Finding Norma Jeane”: a riveting novel that tells the life of Joseph M. Mortenson as he seeks answers about his bloodline and their long-buried secrets.
Crabb shares, “This is the story of Joseph Michael Mortenson, the grandnephew of Norma Jeane Mortenson, aka Marilyn Monroe. Joey’s grandfather is Norma Jeane’s brother. From the streets of Brooklyn to the Las Vegas strip and back to South Florida, the journey is exciting! From a young age, Joey wondered why everyone was so secretive about this famous aunt of his. He decided to find out and what was revealed to him shook him to his core. In his search, he found his aunt Norma Jeane, or did she find him?
Secrets revealed that had never been exposed to the general public about the Mortenson side of the family and of Marilyn Monroe’s life before she was an icon are on these pages. Enjoy!”
Published by Fulton Books, Warren O. Crabb’s book is an enthralling read about a man who lived in drug-infested and abusive homes, and experienced hopelessness and homelessness.
This is his journey of living life in action, adventure, and the cruelty of the world.
Readers who wish to experience this gripping work can purchase “Finding Norma Jeane” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books