W.M. Seckinger’s new book, ‘The Man Called Job: Hero or Heretic’ is a theological study on Job’s sufferings, motivation, and righteousness

W.M. Seckinger, a graduate of BS in Mechanical Engineering, a devout servant of the Lord who has taught groups of all ages in church and home settings, a dutiful man who has served with GARB ministries and independent Baptist organizations, has completed his new book, “The Man Called Job: Hero or Heretic”: an illuminating account that probes on the sufferings and perseverance of a man whose faith was put to a great test. The author divides this dissertation into four sections to examine the textual context and integrity of this infamous figure in the Bible. This is also an attempt to question the sovereignty of God, as well as Job’s real thoughts and actions. Moreover, this thesis delves into the interpretation of Hebrew wisdom poetry, scriptural allusions, and the correlation between the Old Testament views to the New Testament doctrine.
Seckinger writes, “The Man Called Job: Hero or Heretic: The Book of Job questions suffering and the enduring of pain. It questions God’s sovereignty and how man is to respond to the work of an almighty hand. Yet it is not an account of gloom and doom. It presents a forward look to the time of Christ and all that would be accomplished in him in his time on earth.
“To see this, however, we must determine if Job was right in what he said or if his friends were right in what they said, and we must determine if he was right in questioning God and His justice or if he was wrong in doing so. We must also determine if he was right or wrong to complain about his suffering and if he was innocent or if there was some sin behind his afflicted state.
“To make judgments of this kind, we must look into the following:
“• Hebrew poetry and its standing in the Bible
“• The various wisdom components of ‘wisdom poetry’
“• Job’s account and how it aligns with other poetic texts
“• How the work presents its story in collective thought
“• Old Testament views in light of New Testament doctrine
“• The belief of ancient man about God and His workings
“• How a ‘literal wording’ compares to a ‘literal sense’
“These acumens work together to unveil Job’s spiritual significance.”
Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, W.M. Seckinger’s new book is a thought-provoking opus that provides a well-versed evangelical commentary on the life of Job. It broadly covers the intensity of Job’s odyssey while trying to understand the mystery behind God’s take on justice.
Readers can purchase “The Man Called Job: Hero or Heretic” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Covenant Books