VUV Analytics, Inc. Introduces the LUMA™ Multi-Channel Vacuum Ultraviolet Absorbance Detector

VUV Analytics, Inc. today introduced the VUV LUMA™ Multi-Channel Vacuum Ultraviolet Absorbance Detector, providing best-in-class detector sensitivity, universal detection, and selectivity that seamlessly integrates into existing laboratory workflows.
“LUMA represents the next logical step in our long-term product strategy,” said Clark Jernigan, CEO of VUV Analytics. “Since the introduction of our VGA line of vacuum ultraviolet spectrometers, our customers and prospects have told us there was a need for a general-use gas chromatography detector that was extremely sensitive to single-digit part-per-billion levels that was also universal so it could be used for a wide range of applications. They told us that having some level of selectivity to aid in compound identification was critical. Finally, they told us that any new detector had to be easy to use and deploy with minimal training requirements. We took this input to heart, and the end result is LUMA.”
The compact VUV LUMA multi-channel detector was developed with laboratory productivity in mind and is powerful enough for R&D while being easy enough for routine analysis. Key capabilities of LUMA include:
“Choosing a GC detector has always been application-specific and requires significant tradeoffs between sensitivity, universal detection, selectivity, and ease of use,” said Peter Boler, Vice President of Marketing for VUV Analytics. “An FID is sensitive and easy to use but not universal or selective. A TCD is universal and easy to use but not very sensitive. Likewise, a Mass Spectrometer is very sensitive and selective but is more complicated to use. With LUMA, we eliminate these tradeoffs, giving the user a sensitive and universal detector with some selectivity that is extremely easy to use and deploy.”
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Peter J. Boler
Vice President of Marketing
VUV Analytics Inc.
Source: VUV Analytics Inc.