Vortex’s Ribbon Blender With Liquid Spray System Helps Chemical Company Spray Liquid to Mixing Materials

Since 1989, Vortex has been helping companies in the food and chemical industries mix raw materials as per formulas to a homogenous station through its industry-leading ribbon blender with liquid spray system.
Ribbon blenders are commonly used for blending dry powders, granules, pellets and other solid forms. The double layer ribbons rotate and move materials both radially and laterally to insure thorough blends in short cycle times. Sometimes, the process requires adding liquid at mixing. Vortex has developed a ribbon blender with a liquid spray system for this application.
“The addition of liquids to a dry batch can be accomplished in several ways. Choosing the right method is crucial to establishing repeatable blending results in the shortest cycle time possible.” said Henry Chang, chief technology officer of Research Department at Vortex. “Our award-winning ribbon blender continues to empower the earned technology advantage to help our clients reach and exceed their unique mixing results.”
Vortex ribbon blender’s strength is when the liquid component is a minor ingredient, like a fragrance, oil or flavoring, introduce it to the dry raw materials through atomizing nozzles installed in a spray bar assembly. A metering pump may be used to feed the liquid at a controlled rate, or the spray bar may be connected to a pressure vessel.
The liquid flow rate is critical because you want to avoid flooding the blender, forming wet clumps of powder, or unnecessarily delaying the mixing cycle. Liquids are normally added while the batch is being agitated in order to help ensure uniform coating or absorption.
“Because different solids behave differently upon contact with liquid, Vortex company have a test to confirm the proper pressure setting or liquid flow rate, the nozzle size, type and location, blender speed, etc,” Henry Chang added.
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Source: https://www.vortexmt.com/methods-to-add-liquid-in-a-ribbon-blender/