Voodle Releases Public Video Messaging Independent From Channel or Account Status

Voodle, an asynchronous short video platform for business, announced its newest feature, My Voodles, which allows for the creation, sharing, and viewing of video messages independent of account or organizational membership requirements. Individuals and teams now have frictionless access to a new form of communication that addresses “Zoom fatigue,” the lack of human connection experienced by remote workplace arrangements, and the shortcomings of text-based messaging such as email or chat. The release of this feature reinforces Voodle’s commitment to transforming the way next-generation teams connect, align, and collaborate.
“Voodle’s release of the My Voodles feature is a reflection of the marketplace’s recognition of the need for organizations to advance their communication tech stack with new options focused on the future of work. Organizational silos are removed with this new functionality, thus, allowing vendors, clients, and distinct working groups to fully communicate with the power of video — but without another meeting,” commented Voodle CEO Forest Key. “Remote work burnout, ‘Zoom fatigue,’ and the disintegration of company culture are challenges that today’s leaders must address. Solutions like a supportive hybrid workplace tech stack, which includes new forms of communication — like Voodle’s short video, can fill the gaps.”
The My Voodles feature was inspired and created with current customer feedback, namely the need to seamlessly carry conversations, native to Voodle, into other tools, beyond Voodle’s current integration with Slack®. In addition to meeting the needs of current Voodle customers, My Voodles also solves common communication and collaboration tool challenges such as user permissions across shared channels and perceived barriers to instant adoption stemming from initial setup and onboarding flows. 
“The My Voodles feature supports the evolution of how work gets done — anywhere, at any time, and with anyone. With our new feature, Voodle allows workers to seamlessly integrate important business moments over video across organizational boundaries, and without the hassle of an account setup,” said Voodle Chief Customer Officer Rachel Lanham. “With this new no-account-required method for instantly creating, sharing, and consuming async videos, users can find immediate value in connecting whenever, with whomever, no matter wherever they are.”
The addition of MyVoodles as a cross-organization and tool-agnostic communication method, combined with the power of video to fully communicate the breadth and depth of meaning, uniquely positions Voodle’s accessible async short video platform as both a germane and welcome tool to help solve today’s most pressing workflow and cultural challenges facing organizations.
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Voodle, a short video app for business, is the future of work. Collaborators, communicators, and culture makers use Voodle to capture, share and discover important business moments whenever and wherever they happen. It’s the fastest and most effective way to connect people with information that drives action across the organization and with customers. 
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