Von Consulting Lists Top 10 Reasons Tech-Oriented Outsourcing is Actually Saving Costs in 2020

San Diego, USA – Recent years have been groundbreaking for enterprises in terms of innovative technologies, as well as operations. A high volume of activity meant that companies resorted fully or partially to outsourcing of IT & technology services. The coronavirus pandemic escalating and turning over business processes worldwide raises the following question: is outsourcing still beneficial in 2020?

“The pros and cons of outsourcing make for a hot topic of debate for businesses that are starting their entrepreneurial journey, as well as the established entities this year. However, if you understand the full range of benefits that outsourcing comes to offer, I truly believe it can drive your company to a digitally progressive organization”, says Vivien Untaru, General Manager of VON Consulting, an outsourcing firm operating in the United States and Germany, offering a full range of services from hardware and software development to IT support.

What IT functions companies can outsource

When one compares tech-oriented outsourcing with in-house teams, there are several things that go in favor of the first option. The type of services that one needs for their business depends on the size, operations, growth potential, and other requirements. However, the most commonly outsourced functions for businesses are software and application development, analog and digital design engineering, database development and management, nformation security, infrastructure setup and maintenance, telecommunications, technical support, research & development.

“Considering these benefits, outsourcing seems like the best choice for enterprises, as well as startups. However, there is a need to find a technology partner that you can rely on without any doubts, both in terms of technology expertise and consistency in service delivery”, adds Ms. Untaru from VON Consulting IT outsourcing firm.

Here is why tech-oriented outsourcing is better than having an in-house team

Companies save money. Company will have lower labor costs as it will not spend money on recruiting, training, and retaining the employees, but rather access trained resources on hire and also get tax savings as well.

Companies save time. By partnering with an outsourcing vendor, Company is able to save the time that is needed to recruit and train the in-house team for the same functions. This reduces the burden on the HR department and also gets the projects up and running faster than expected.

Companies get access to a wider talent relay. in-house professionals may not be always in sync with certain technologies that companies may require. In such case, it is best to outsource skilled resources from elsewhere.

Companies can implement new technologies. The outsourcing model can make for the canvas of rapid implementation of new technologies in the company. And this is why one will not need to train resources or hire new ones to initiate the change. Reliable IT companies offer expertise and experience that is needed for early adoption of a new technology.

Companies are better protected from risks. Besides cost reduction, tech-oriented outsourcing is associated with risk reduction as well. The reason is that outsourcing providers significantly assume and manage the risk for the client as they come with specific industry knowledge, particularly security and compliance issues.

Companies get hands-on continuous consultancy. Making full use of external expertise, a company gets the opportunity to be evaluated on a continuous basis by experts who can give suggestions regarding improvements and can also help better scale the processes. In a nutshell, company gets free consultancy for re-engineering it’s existing operations and setup.

Companies can use internal resources better. When a company outsources professionals to handle certain functions, it frees up the internal resources to look after some other business-critical process. One can invest time and money saved on fulfilling more meaningful requirements of their company.

Companies can improve core business. Businesses have only limited resources, which can be focused on the core areas once it has the grounds covered. With a reliable provider by the company side, one need not worry about the complex operations set, security, and scaling decisions.

Business will evolve at a larger rate. With external providers looking after burdensome tasks such as maintenance and support, one will be able to thus move forward, focusing on measures that are efficient, as well as profitable.

Companies can identify new business avenues. Outsourcing may be a smart idea for businesses that want to explore growth opportunities in new market areas. Providers can actually help the company to expand its business by closing the gap between the point of service delivery and the end users.

“All the above mentioned reasons for outsourcing your technical oriented services are even more of high importance this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic shuffling business cards, so to speak, in a decisive manner. We understand all the implications of a meaningful partnership with an outsourcing company and have top talents in support and consultancy ready to ensure your business is successful. Because, after all, the measure of a fruitful collaboration are results, tailored to every company’s needs”, concludes Vivien Untaru from IT outsourcing firm VON Consulting.

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