Viva Capital Funding Announces Multiple New Hires

Viva Capital Funding has announced the following new hires and their positions: Celina Barron as Account Manager, Paco Irigoyen as Account Manager, Darlene Rosales as Account Specialist, and Sasha Landskov as Marketing Specialist.
Celina Barron, Account Manager, began her career in factoring in 2012. Before that, she had worked in the banking, mortgage, and insurance industries. Barron earned her degree in Business Administration. 
Paco Irigoyen, Account Manager, started working in factoring in 2012. Within a couple of years, he was managing a portfolio that had an NFE of over 15 million in financed assets. He is currently studying to obtain his Certified Account Executive in Factoring from the International Factoring Association.
Darlene Rosales, Account Support Specialist, has over 10 years of experience and knowledge in the finance factoring industry. She has had the opportunity to work in both credit and collections. 
Sasha Landskov, Marketing Specialist, has over a decade of marketing and design experience, largely with service providers. She has earned her B.A.S in Photography/Video/Technology along with a Project Manager Certificate. Landskov’s photography and video work has been published internationally. Though new to factoring and El Paso, she brings her knowledge of both traditional and digital marketing.  
Viva Capital was formed with the intent to provide simple, fast, and reliable funding solutions. Over the years Viva Capital has grown organically into one of the leading factoring companies in the nation. Because of its commitment to its customers, Viva Capital has earned the reputation of being proactive, efficient, and dependable. The owners of Viva Capital bring extensive financial service experience in industries including but not limited to transportation, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, staffing, and oilfield services. Viva Capital’s range of experience allows it to be a valuable financial and planning resource for clients. Viva’s approach to business is simple, “When you succeed, we succeed”.
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