Vista Social Launches the First Ever TikTok Content Planner

Today, Vista Social, a modern and forward-thinking provider of social media management software, announced that they are the first platform to offer a TikTok content planner. This new feature will allow businesses to streamline their workflow and create more content that converts by making it easier to curate and schedule posts in Vista Social for a cohesive view of content planning. 
The addition of its new TikTok and Instagram content planner is the latest in a series of TikTok management integrations Vista Social has developed. More businesses and agencies are switching to Vista Social as they continue to be first to market for a number of key features:
Most social media managers are used to planning and publishing from a calendar in their social media management tool for TikTok and Instagram. With Vista Social, businesses streamline their workflow by selecting all the profiles they manage so they can easily drag and drop their content to each Feed and easily toggle between accounts.
The first-ever TikTok content planner provides Vista Social customers with a cohesive view of their media library, a Feed preview, and content calendar details so they can more efficiently plan and schedule content that is consistent and drives results.
Vista Social’s unique technology is designed for social media as it exists today and not the last decade like other platforms available. They are happy to have helped their customer base schedule over 2.6 million social media posts monthly and support brands daily in growing their business. 
Vista Social understands that some brands, agencies, and social media managers may be locked into annual contracts with a competing tool—so they are offering Vista Social Pro plans for free for the remainder of a business’s contract with a competing SMM tool. 
For more information on taking advantage of that offer, contact Vista Social’s sales team. 
Source: Vista Social