Virusjet Announces Unmanned Disinfection Device

Virusjet has shown relentlessness in its inventiveness and innovative desires to attain groundbreaking victory against the recent infamous pandemic outbreak whose negative impacts have been felt hugely around the world. Since a cure is yet unknown or at least legally ratified by World Health Organization for public use, disinfection has been touted as one of the best precautionary move against easy spread of the virus. In lieu of the said facts, Virusjet has produced sets of tremendous top quality disinfectants to keep surfaces clean and avoid the spread as well as cross contamination of coronavirus and related pathogens via surfaces, private ambience and shared public spaces.

The motive of the organization has always been to produce a wide covering pathogen killing disinfection material which will reach and be useful for everyone regardless of location, need and social status. That way, the first stream of products from the organization comes in varieties for schools and hospitals, industries, aviation use, surfaces in homes and public spaces. Virusjet delivers top disinfection fluid that coats all surfaces without making them wet. On top of this, each products under this umbrella ensures real time disinfection on surfaces and lasts as much as ten days after the first spray. Also, each of the products have their uniqueness especially in terms of build and use format, all to attain disinfection efficiency.

In further pursuit of the mission of the organization to end infection spread and cross contamination via disinfection especially in air travel sector and aviation industry, it keeps working on designing products for uniform distribution of disinfectant particles on focused surface. To this end, it has created a new product that adds convenience to the search for human safety against pathogens. As the manufacturer of ULV disinfection innovation, it recently unveiled the “unmanned disinfection device”. This device simply sits on a table or similar surface while it is set to the capacity of the room under disinfection. The start button is pressed and the device will take only 15 seconds to begin disinfection until the ambience is thoroughly and fully disinfected.

The device is a creation of class and inventiveness in one body. It is revered as the most compact and powerful diffusing machine that is designed with powerful turbine motor which propels it to deliver dry mist and covers invariably between 10 and 1000 cubic meter including hard to reach surfaces. The deep spraying exhibited by this device is engineered with unique diffusion principle which does not in any way cause wetness on target surfaces. The highly hygrometric device works without condensation, oozing out droplets of 4 to 5 microns at every spray. The device is useful to spray disinfectants ranging from fungicides to biocides, insecticides and hydrogen peroxide among others. It has a maximum service run time of 60 minutes pluggable to a 220V/110V/ special motor for Airbus and Boeing Aircrafts. With a global warranty of 24 months and CE certification from TUV Austria, you can be certain of spending your cash on top quality product that will give you desirable disinfection results in maximum convenience. Aircrafts disinfection has become categorically easy with a device that works unmanned on aircraft power and disinfects narrow-body Airbus and Boeing aircraft within 20 mins.

Beyond its scope of use in the aircrafts and aviation industry, Virusjet’s “unmanned disinfection device” can be used to cover inanimate environment in the hospital, average hotel and care room in less than two minutes, production centers cleaning and in fact, rooms in schools and university. The device can therefore be called a multipurpose build of disinfection ease that doesn’t necessarily need human support. It’s simply an undeniable class of a product in the new world of disinfection.