Virtual Musician Dydolphin Releases Their Third Digital Single ‘Refresh’

A new concept virtual musician Dydolphin released its third single, “Refresh”, on July 15 through various music platforms around the world.
Dydolphin is a virtual musician created by Dydolphin Project. The team wanted a name that gave people utter happiness and comfort through music, so they come up with Dydolphin by combining the word “Dynorphin,” a type of hormone that has a similar effect as morphine, and the word “Dolphin.”
“Refresh” is a digital single designed to give everyone who’s having a hard time with COVID-19 a reason to get back to their pre-pandemic summer vacation vibes. The album consists of two tracks, where “Refresh” is a funk and disco track that makes people want to start their car and go on a trip, “Good Wave” is reminiscent of people surfing in the ocean.
Starting with the digital single, Dydolphin said it will upload a variety of content that fans can enjoy on its official website (
Source: Dydolphin Project