Virtual Electronics Launches Augmented and Virtual Reality Technology for Mobile Apps

Virtual Electronics, a Singapore-registered outsourcing software development company, launches augmented and virtual reality technology for mobile app development. Business in Singapore and Asia will benefit from its cutting-edge technology and expert IT solutions that are backed by a main office in Singapore and development offices all over Ukraine and Belarus. The company aims to leverage its prime location in Singapore as an entry point to the ASEAN market and make AR and VR apps more accessible in the region. Virtual Electronics’ AR and VR apps are compatible with both iOS and Android.

With just a smartphone, Virtual Electronics allows businesses tap on new channels of marketing through AR and VR technology to change the way customers experience the product. On top of AR and VR capabilities to effectively communicate content to users, the company provides mobile app development and software development services that are outsourced to the its development offices in Ukraine and Belarus. Due to their education in the field of exact sciences and programming, specialists from Eastern Europe are well-coveted.

Any client who works with Virtual Electronics is assured that the app will be developed from end to end, for 100% readiness. Client assistance is offered when faced with difficulties in independent project development in the future.

Dr Victor Paul, Senior Representative of Virtual Electronics, says “Nowadays, there are dozens of reasons why businesses are interested in outsourcing. From our experience, entrepreneurs are often motivated by their desire to save costs while engaging the services of a qualified specialist who does not have to be tied to the company on a permanent basis.”

Virtual Electronic believes that any company that relies on growth and development should be as flexible and open as possible. This is especially true for the market of outsourcing services. The company started out in website development but realised the long overdue need for mobile app development services that will help businesses save time and money. Since 2019, they have helped over 70 clients ranging from industries that span finance, retail and tech.

They hope to further their interest in the creation and implementation of their own hosting products to help even more clients achieve efficiency and results.

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Please refer to Annex A for the biography of Dr Victor Paul.

About Virtual Electronics PTE
Founded in 2019, Virtual Electronics is a Singapore-registered company specialising in the development of programme support and offering sub-contracting services. The company collaborates with tech business communities all over the world in software products manufacturing and optimises clients’ engineering teams to make them more efficient. With a range of industry experience in financing, enterprise and management, Virtual Electronics aims to help all their clients achieve business excellence with the best tech strategies.

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Annex A
Dr Victor Paul, Senior Representative, Virtual Electronics

An expert, adviser, and business facilitator in commercialisation and international technology transfer. Victor Paul has a range of business development experience in start-up pharmaceutical, biotech, IT and innovative construction ventures. He has worked across a wide range of international organisations, including the World Bank and European Commission, corporations and start-ups, helping them to develop new projects, commercialise technologies, and raise capital. With more than 20 years’ experience in economic and business development, he facilitates investment and future business opportunities for both investors and projects’ founders. With doctorate in Business Economics and PhD in Business Information Systems, he has a strong aptitude for applying technology to develop a new efficient system for feasibility studies, due diligence, IP and PM. Understanding social responsibilities, he creates an online platform for well-being community projects with focus on healthy lifestyle and prevention of illness and ageing.