Virginia Design & Build Contractors Educate On Basement Remodeling

The Virginia design & build contractors at Monumental Contractors recently shared a blog informing homeowners on the basement remodeling process.

The post notes that a basement renovation can help increase a home’s value by several thousands of dollars (roughly $12,000 in the Kansas City area). It also points out that a remodel can lead to homeowners enjoying high returns on investment (over 60%), should they decide to eventually sell the property.

The blog then suggests several basement renovation ideas for the new year, like setting up a home gym or theater, carving out an additional bedroom for guests, renting out a small “apartment” in your home, and creating a magical playspace for children. In the event of a fire on a house’s main floor, the extra room in the basement should offer at least window access to the exterior. All of these basement plans can help raise your home’s value by a significant amount if implemented properly.

The post also emphasizes the importance of making a budget for a basement remodel, as this process can cost up to $20,000. A renovation usually entails adding new lighting and flooring, installing French drains to prevent water from infiltrating your basement, and checking for radon- a hueless, odorless gas emitted when uranium decomposes in soil. According to, 1 in 15 homes in the U.S. contains high levels of radon.

Monumental Contractors is a family owned-and-operated business servicing clients in the DC metro area. They are dedicated to providing services that are tailored to you and your home’s unique needs. Monumental strives to embody their values of integrity, respect, quality and accountability. Their business is based nearly exclusively on client referrals, a model that has led to great success for them. The basement remodeling process with Monumental involves an initial consultation and design agreement, selecting paint colors, flooring and lights, a prep and pre-construction meeting, a construction and quality check (inspection walk-through) and then the final touches to the home.

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