Viettel and Rapid.Space Partner to Deliver Strategic Autonomy for 5G Networks in Vietnam and South-East Asia

Rapid.Space, an alternative cloud provider, has announced its partnership with Viettel, a Vietnamese telecom company, to deliver strategic autonomy for 5G networks in Vietnam and South-East Asia. Rapid.Space will provide its “SimpleRAN” solution to operate and automate the deployment of fully virtualized 4G/5G networks. 
This partnership fits into the desire of the two representative countries (France and Vietnam) to strengthen their cooperation in science and technology, with tech companies being a key focus. This was recently reaffirmed in an official visit from the Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Pham Minh Chinh at the invitation of French Prime Minister Jean Castex. 
“SimpleRAN” relies on Amarisoft’s 4G/5G stack for PHY layer, eNodeB, gNodeB and core network. “SimpleRAN” will be implemented on top of the radio hardware manufactured in Vietnam by Viettel and integrated with the support of Rapid.Space. The radio hardware includes the open radio station (ORS), and an open source 4G/5G autonomous base station, which will be initially provided by Rapid.Space and later manufactured by Viettel in Vietnam. The ORS will deliver 4G/5G networking in rural areas, factories, and inside office buildings. 
The adoption of “SimpleRAN” by Viettel demonstrates that telecom companies demand strategic autonomy with access to design, source code, protocols, and all parts of a system. They can also manufacture their radio infrastructure with greater flexibility to meet their requirements and at a lower cost. The solution is only based on a few components, making it easier to deploy and ultimately proving that the cloud, edge, and virtualized radio access networks (VRAN) are converging into the same industry.
“We are delighted to partner with Viettel and accelerate the adoption of SimpleRAN for digital strategic autonomy in Asia,” said Rapid.Space’s CEO Jean-Paul Smets.
“The agreement on cooperation and technology transfer between Viettel and Rapid.Space shows the willingness to cooperate in research and product development towards the technological autonomy of both countries,” said Director of Vietnam Office for Science and Technology in France Tran Manh Hung.
About Rapid.Space
Rapid.Space is a unique, high-performance, and “fully open” cloud provider committed to building an international cloud infrastructure focusing on openness, transparency, and reversibility. As co-founder of the SimpleRAN initiative and member of the Open Compute Project, Euclidia, Gaia-X and EANGTI, Rapid.Space strives to be at the forefront of next-generation cloud computing infrastructure development, making a case for its fully open architecture built from open source software, open hardware, and open services.
About Viettel Group
Viettel Group is the largest ICT and hi-tech group in Vietnam. It is also ranked 24th most valuable telecommunications services provider worldwide. For 30 years, Viettel has grown rapidly from a telecom construction company to a complex of five key business lines, including telecommunications and information technology (IT), research and manufacture of electronic and telecommunications equipment, defence industry, cyber security, and digital services. Today, Viettel has become a digital services provider, taking the leading role in digital transformation in Vietnam. Viettel has been focusing on the research and manufacture of 5G equipment and is considered one of the few 5G manufacturers in the world.
Name: Ana Quintero
Source: Rapid.Space