VideoDuke 2.0 Release Supports M1 Chips and More Websites

Eltima Software has announced the release of VideoDuke 2.0. The app is a universal video downloader, which supports hundreds of websites, with a focus on major platforms, such as YouTube. It’s intended to help with data preservation – more specifically if the user wants to preserve their videos for offline storage.
To help with the downloading process, a special mode allows users to browse and list every media file available for download on a given webpage. Playlist and bookmark functionalities also help improve the experience.
The 2.0 release has introduced several important changes, along with an updated UI. For instance, the newly added history search feature allows you to get back to any previously visited pages.
The list of supported platforms has been expanded to include Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Audio extraction has been improved, allowing sound conversion on any resource. In the case of Instagram, image downloads are available as well.
With the advent of M1 chips, older applications need to use a compatibility layer. It may decrease app performance, cause lag, and create other issues. VideoDuke 2.0 is fully M1-compatible, running at full speed on the newest Mac and MacBook devices. And the newest systems as well – since VideoDuke 2.0 supports macOS 12 Monterey.
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