Video Intelligence Wins Two Google Certified Publisher Partner Awards in First Year as a Partner

The GCPP DEI Award recognises vi for its ‘vi matters’ programme – a way for brands to begin making an impact for the things that really matter. With vi matters, a brand’s DEI or purpose-led video content is contextually matched to vi’s network of quality publisher sites.
“Many of the brands and agencies that we work with put a lot of time and resources into productions around their environmental, ethical, or diversity initiatives. These are spread on their own channels, but they go no further. So, we offer to place ‘purpose’-led campaign videos onto our network of quality publisher sites, free of charge,” said Kai Sackmann, Director of Strategy and Partnerships at vi. He continued, “Google’s recognition for vi matters gives credibility to the idea that media companies can make a difference with their products.”   
At the GCPP Summit on Tuesday night, Google also revealed that video intelligence had the joint highest GCPP Channel Partner Health Score of 100% for 2021. This means aspects of vi’s contextual video platform for publishers – such as content quality, publisher quality, and viewability – received top marks across the board.
Video intelligence CEO Kai Henniges said, “To have won two awards as a GCPP in our first year of being a partner is astonishing. It shows the commitment our team have to delivering the very best experience for our customers, with a focus on quality content and product, great user experience, and monetization.”
vi has been a Google Certified Publishing Partner since March 2021. The partnership means Google regards video intelligence as an expert at using Google products and provides publishers with innovative solutions and services. Publishers using vi benefit from contextually-matched video content, which improves user experience and advertising revenue.
vi aims to grow their vi matters network, and invites brands interested to get in touch with Kai Sackmann:
About video intelligence
vi is a contextual video platform. We connect publishers, content creators and brands through video storytelling.
Our mission is to inspire, inform and entertain users by putting video in context and connecting content creators, publishers and brands.
vi brings context to videos using AI and automation to understand them and place them in proximity to other, relevant content.
Context is everything.
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