Video Ads Compensation Plan Explained – Watch Video Ads to make easy money online Somebody mentioned, that this could only be a pyramid scheme. Well, it is more like a Multi Level Marketing MLM plan. You can also make money and get for instance cash gift cards and bluray players, if you don´t have a downline and also get free tickets for the jackpot to win money this way. Have a look at this video, which explains exactly , how it works. Also they have an A-Rating from the Better Business buro, so it is NO scam ! I tried it the last days and it just works. Surely they are still in beta phase and if you sign up now you will have the chance to get a better downline. If you sign up via this link all funds will got to support the forum. Many thanks. So tell all your friends about it and let them sign up under you, so you build up a big downline ( huge village ). Regards, Stefan.

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