Vidatronic Joins the Silicon Catalyst Semiconductor Ecosystem as In-Kind Partner

Vidatronic, Inc., a leading provider of power management, analog, and security intellectual property (IP) licenses and platform solutions, announces that it is now a member of Silicon Catalyst’s In-Kind Partner (IKP) ecosystem. Through this collaboration, Vidatronic is offering companies in the Silicon Catalyst Incubator their low-power FlexGUARD™ integrated power management and analog IP platform, which includes access to Vidatronic’s full silicon-proven IP portfolio.
Vidatronic’s FlexGUARD™ integrated power management and analog IP platform simplifies the design process with customizable analog IP for easier and more cost-effective integration. Leveraging Vidatronic’s silicon-proven IP will enable the portfolio companies to achieve unparalleled levels of performance, security, and reliability while minimizing cost.
“With nearly a decade of experience delivering advanced analog and power management IP solutions globally, we are excited for the opportunity to lend a hand to these new semiconductor start-ups and support them in achieving their innovative visions,” said Moises Robinson, Vidatronic President and Co-Founder. “Our FlexGUARD™ Platform is ideal for semiconductor start-ups because it will allow them to very quickly generate the necessary analog and power management functions within their designs, getting them to market faster and with a degree of certainty in the quality of the circuitry they might not have otherwise, since this IP is already silicon-proven.”
The mission of Silicon Catalyst is to lower the capital expenses associated with the design and fabrication of silicon-based IC’s, sensors, and MEMS devices. For over seven years, the Silicon Catalyst partner ecosystem has enabled early-stage companies to build complex silicon chips at a fraction of the typical cost. Silicon Catalyst has created a unique ecosystem to provide critical support to semiconductor hardware start-ups, including tools and services from a comprehensive network of In-Kind Partners (IKPs). The Portfolio Companies in the incubator utilize IKP tools and services including design tools, simulation software, design services, foundry PDK access and MPW runs, test program development, tester access, and banking and legal services. Additionally, the start-ups can tap into the world-class Silicon Catalyst network of advisors and investors.
“We are thrilled to welcome Vidatronic to our partner ecosystem,” said Paul Pickering, Silicon Catalyst Managing Partner. “Their wealth of experience and IP portfolio, spanning many different foundries and process nodes, all the way down to advanced FinFET technologies, has them well-poised to bring immense value to our portfolio companies. We look forward to seeing Vidatronic’s IP help our start-ups achieve silicon success and market growth in their target markets.”
To learn more about Vidatronic and their products, join them and visit their virtual booth at the 2nd annual Virtual Samsung Advanced Foundry Ecosystem (SAFE™) Forum on November 17.
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