Vidatak Announces Sale of Vidatak EZ Board to Acuity Medical

Today Vidatak announces the sale of the assets of the Vidatak EZ Board to Acuity Medical. The company will focus its future operations on developing digital solutions in response to the market’s readiness for patient-centric software solutions.
Driven by compassion and empathy for suffering they witnessed firsthand, a nurse aide and a Los Angeles musician who volunteered at UCLA designed the first EZ Board. Five iterations and two decades later, the Vidatak EZ Board became the market leader with an outstanding reach to over 80% of United States hospitals, along with healthcare facilities in over 15 different countries.
“When the US experienced the first surge of the COVID-19 pandemic mid-year 2020, Vidatak teamed up with Acuity Medical to distribute free Vidatak EZ Boards and free VidaTalk licenses to hospitals who were experiencing a silent pandemic, inundated with mechanically-ventilated patients and overburdened with procurement of personal protection equipment,” stated Vidatak’s CEO, Dr. Lance Patak. “It has been ostensibly clear that Mr. Tomchik’s stewardship and quality relationships with all of Vidatak’s customers over the years would earn Acuity Medical’s candidacy to be the Vidatak EZ Board’s future home.
“We simply wanted to make it easier for patients who were desperately trying to communicate but couldn’t. It was maddening for them and demoralizing for everyone. We all felt helpless and at such a critical time in a patient’s life.”
-Lance Patak
Vidatak congratulates the team at Acuity Medical for acquiring this award-winning solution that has inspired nurses and speech language pathologists all over the world to improve the quality of patient’s experiences, especially for those most vulnerable. We look forward to continued collaboration as Acuity Medical carries Vidatak’s mission forward.
Post-acquisition, Vidatak will focus on expanding VidaTalk’s features, including integration with audio and video interpreters as well as other telehealth features and content providers that further humanize the healthcare experience and reduce health disparities. Vidatak is a brand that hospitals have come to trust to deliver solutions that are evidence-based and patient- and provider-centric, creating a quality experience that patients and providers value.
“Usability is the key factor to driving outcomes improvement,” explained Patak. “If it doesn’t get used, it can’t make that much improvement. We ensure high usability by identifying the human factors and functionality requirements needed so that our solution is aligned with the outcomes it’s intended to improve and streamlined into everyday workflow.”
Numerous recent peer reviewed publications have reported VidaTalk’s impact on patients’ lives and the quality of their experience. There’s no doubt, VidaTalk makes a difference and why patients prefer Vidatak’s solutions over other patient communication products. With the addition of more languages, interpreter services being just one touch away, and new telehealth features that will include connecting patients with remote loved ones and providers, Vidatak will undoubtedly continue leading the market with advanced patient communication solutions.
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Lance Patak, M.D., MBAVidatak, LLC
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