VForce Collection’s Copper Compounded Jackets Kill Viruses (COVID) Upon Contact in 30 Minutes or Less

Going back as far as the Egyptians, copper has proven to be a great assistant in fighting viruses. In today’s uncertain times, people have to ask themselves at what length will they go to protect themselves and their family beyond a mask, gloves, and sanitizer. VForce Collection has designed copper compounded jackets to help ease the daily stress of being outside, ranging from being an essential worker, running errands, and all public transportation.
Why Copper? Noted by Smithsonian Magazine, “Copper is truly a gift from Mother Nature in that the human race has been using it for over eight millennia.” Copper has been used as an infection-killing agent dating back to 1,600 B.C. The Egyptians and Chinese used copper coins and drank from copper vessels to prevent bladder infections and heart and stomach pain. In recent times, research has found that using copper alloys on surfaces reduces potential viral infections.
Findings in a study by the New England Journal of Medicine explain what happens when bacteria or viruses (SARS-CoV-2) come into contact with a copper surface. Copper releases reactive ions that puncture a cell’s outer membrane, thus, gaining access to its center where it essentially scrambles it and renders it dead.
VForce Collection’s TPU fabric contains up to 5% of copper that is compounded into the material of these utilitarian, fashion-centric, unisex jackets, offering additional protection in conjunction with masks and other CDC guidelines.
For just a small cost ranging from $165-$220, anyone can own a protective and  scientifically proven product that is long-lasting. VForce Collection by new designer space copper compounded jackets will provide the peace of mind to responsibly protect oneself, the family, and those around them. 
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