Veterans Join Hands to Reach Out to Other Veterans

Dr. Ivan Edwards, a physician and CEO of Jovana Rehabilitation & Pain, linked with Kyle Sinclair to break bread with top VFW post 688 leadership. They met on July 22, 2021, at the Dodging Duck eatery in Boerne, Texas.
The VFW leaders involved in this meeting were (as seen in the picture): VFW Post commander, Scott Galliardt (left, second row, with cap), and Robert Worrall, the Quartermaster, and a Purple Heart recipient (seated on right, first row, with cap).
Kyle Sinclair is a U.S. Army veteran; he is seated on the left, first row. He is the CEO of Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital, Thousand Oaks, in San Antonio, TX.
Dr. Ivan Edwards, a veteran, still serves in the USAF Reserve at the rank of Lt Colonel. He is seated on the right, second row. He is contracted with PAM/Warm Springs Hospitals and is the Medical Director of Military Affairs.  
Last, but not least, is the service dog, Nixon, at the foot of the table – peering at the veterans.
The veterans discussed ways they could work collaboratively to facilitate optimal engagement and support fellow veterans that come through the hospital system. The five-hospital PAM/Warm Springs system, in San Antonio, has a robust Veteran program.
“Serving veterans is a way of showing appreciation for the role they play in serving our country. It is giving back to society,” adds Dr. Edwards. “There is nothing greater and more satisfying in life than to live for something and contribute to another person’s life in some way.”   
Most, if not all, people who work with veterans are volunteers and do so out of their hearts. “More than 61,000 people, in 2019,” Dr. Edwards notes, “served in excess of nine million hours of their own time to support veterans.”
Service to veterans can also be looked at as a continuum of care. Or even something more than just that.
To Kyle Sinclair, CEO of Warm Springs Hospital, at Thousand Oaks, “recognizing veterans during their time of need and healing process,” he notes, “is such an honor and continues to allow veteran volunteers to feel value and camaraderie with their brothers and sisters in arms.”
Dr. Edwards and Sinclair will work with other key players and the VFW post 688 to meet the needs of veterans. 
Source: Jovana Rehabilitation Medicine & Pain