Verified Movers Helps With Cross-Country Moving Through Reliable Review Platform

Eugene Tolk, founder and CEO of Verified Movers, has announced the launch of an online platform designed to help users find the right company for their long-distance moving needs.
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Having to pack up a home and relocate to a new city or state is overwhelming. Finding the right company to help with the process requires a lot of research and most homeowners don’t have the time to take that on.
That’s why Tolk created and launched the Verified Movers platform, he said. Verified Movers was launched to provide people with detailed analysis of professional long-distance movers across the country.
“We want to reduce the potential risks associated with hiring a moving company,” Tolk said. “The best way to do that was to help homeowners easily find and identify potentially bad moving companies.”
On the Verified Movers platform, users can explore publicly listed, reviewed companies, Tolk said. Moving companies are not able to pay to have any reviews removed from the platform.
“There’s a thorough vetting process for any company listed on the site,” said Tolk. “We don’t allow companies to manipulate or inform reviews. We want visitors to be empowered to make their own choices based on customer reviews.”
Visitors to the site can either search for long-distance moving companies by state or they can enter in the details of their upcoming move and get a list of recommended companies based on that data, Tolk said. 
“We pride ourselves on providing recommendations for those moving companies that truly stand out with the top-quality services and customer support they offer,” he added.
About Verified Movers:
Verified Movers is a trusted review platform that publishes reviews, customer testimonials and experiences with moving companies. The platform offers the option to both research and share reviews for different professional movers country-wide. To learn more, please visit
Source: Verified Movers