VELUX Commercial Applies Seven Industry 4.0 Applications Using Single Indoor Tracking System

Sewio, a UWB-based real-time location system (RTLS) vendor, today announced that VELUX Commercial, a Danish manufacturer of roof glazing solutions, leverages Sewio RTLS to boost the ergonomics, efficiency and safety at their manufacturing plant. 
VELUX Commercial had been actively working on digital transformation of their production processes. This included the need to orchestrate data from multiple sources for which the ideal solution was to create a digital twin of the real-life factory integrating all the data and processing it into understandable, transparent and valuable information.
This integration leverages seven different use cases with the use of a single RTLS, with unique use cases such as:
Several success metrics were directly linked to the implementation of this project, such as an increase in productivity by 10% through better shop-floor management, a decrease in the WIP by 10% thanks to improved communication channels or a performance boost on TPM activities by 50%.
“Digital twin platform, empowered with Sewio RTLS, has opened a whole range of use cases that we are continuously delivering, with each step reaching a higher digital maturity level, boosted efficiency and what’s most important, getting the competitive advantage. We’re looking forward to continued success with the future phases,” said Rastislav Ruckay, Supply Contributor at Velux Commercial.
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