Veepoo technology releases the health smartwatch: Watch Rig, it can accurately monitor EKG/ECG, SPo2, heart rate and other health information

VEEPOO WATCH RIG, equipped with multiple health monitoring functions featuring its EKG/ECG monitoring service, can effectively detect a series of heart diseases such as atrial fibrillation and premature beat. The sampling of EKG/ECG signal frequency can reach up to 512hz, which is a medical application level. VEEPOO WATCH RIG can track and analyze 13 kinds of cardiac diseases, and generate and export medical EKG/ECG waveforms through the exclusive health management software VeepooHealth. 
VEEPOO WATCH RIG smartwatch can quickly capture abnormal EKG/ECG signals anytime, anywhere
It is particularly important and necessary to capture effective EKG/ECG signals in a quick and immediate manner when symptoms related to cardiac disease are appearing. For this reason, in addition to the routine EKG/ECG function, EKG/ECG emergency mode is also integrated into RIG. When the wearer feels “palpitation, dyspnea, chest pain, chest tightness, blackout, numbness of limbs” and other related physical reactions, the wearer can utilize the EKG/ECG emergency mode of RIG to enter the EKG/ECG signal acquisition work within 3 seconds, collecting and recording the current EKG/ECG signal in the watch. After the event, EKG/ECG waveforms can be exported from VeepooHealth for further analysis of heart health; compared with the relevant EKG/ECG products on the market that can only record and analyze EKG/ECG signals through app startup. WATCH RIG will be released before September 10.
VEEPOO WATCH RIG smartwatch has multiple health monitoring functions
RIG is equipped with biosensor monitoring technology and multi-channel optical monitoring technology. It not only has EKG/ECG monitoring functions, but also has many other health functions such as all-weather, high-precision continuous dynamic heart rate tracking, medical-grade oxygen saturation continuous tracking, full-time scientific sleep tracking, sleep apnea tracking analysis, application of Lorentz scatter analysis of HRV (heart rate variability) etc. Clinical trials in China are being conducted on VEEPOO WATCH RIG to apply for China class II medical device certification. RIG is a medical smartwatch.
Shenzhen Veepoo Technology Co. Ltd. is a well-known health wearable science and technology innovation enterprise. Started in 2012 with the vision of maintaining the good health of hundreds of millions of people, it is committed to exploring more convenient, more effective and more scientific monitoring means and application technology of human body health data. Veepoo has eight years of algorithm and technology accumulation, and has obtained over 40 invention patents in the field of health-wearable devices, including scientific and accurate monitoring technology and software algorithm for resting pulse rate, exercise pulse rate, oxygen saturation, exercise step counting, EKG/ECG, female physiological signal, physiological signal, applied to wearable devices such as smart bracelet and smartwatch. After over six years of market operation, the light health wearable products equipped with Veepoo technology have won the trust and recognition from the market with their high-precision health monitoring technology and high-quality products and services during ongoing sustainable cooperation.
Source: Veepoo Technology