Vaya Space Emerges on the Small Satellite Market

Vaya Space is excited to announce its emergence into the small satellite launch and hybrid rocket sales market. Formerly known as Rocket Crafters, the rebranding to Vaya Space was a decision based on its transition from a company focused on research and development to one which is prepared to partner with organizations, companies, and government entities in their launch endeavors. 
“We are beyond excited to move forward as Vaya Space. As the company grew from testing and into launch and engine sales, we determined that it was important to celebrate the monumental accomplishment with a new image,” stated Chief Strategy Officer, Sean Mirsky. 
The propulsion technology of the company’s STAR-3DTM Hybrid Rocket Engine will remain the basis of its launch platform with over 60 successful test fires accomplished to date. Vaya Space is prepared to participate in the market providing safe, eco-friendly, affordable and reliable launch services. 
Vaya Space anticipates disrupting the SmallSat Market by offering industry-low pricing to launch payloads into orbit, with a build, integrate, and launch-ready cycle of less than 30 days, ramping up to a scheduled weekly launch frequency to meet growing customer demand. 
“The shift to Vaya Space symbolizes our successful engine testing and marks our shift in focus from proving our technology to putting it to use. We’re ready to Go to Space,” said Vaya Space President Rob Fabian. 
About Vaya Space: Vaya Space is a hybrid rocket propulsion and SmallSat launch company leveraging advances in additive manufacturing to redefine the cost, performance, and safety of space access. With a build, integrate, and launch-ready cycle of less than 30 days, Vaya Space is positioned to serve the global market and is accepting launch reservations for 2023.  
Source: Vaya Space