VAS Experts’ Trade in Offer Will Help Update Your DPI Solution

If your DPI system is obsolete, you can exchange it for the up-to-date Stingray SG DPI solution in the Trade In offer framework. The offer covers BRAS Ericsson SE100, SE600, SE1200, as well as Cisco SCE 8000. In the outcome your profit size may reach 20 %. To know the details, contact one of our dealers.
The cases
Companies who already accepted the offer, have their previous solutions obsolete and periodically malfunctioning. After switching to Stingray SG all of them pointed out an increased network stability, affordable pricing and high expertise level of staff – who provided thorough consulting on every aspect of solution usage.
The functionality you will get
VAS Experts profile
VAS Experts is the Russian developer of traffic control and analysis software. VAS Experts solutions are welcomed by Internet providers, telecom operators, IPTV providers and other telco entities. VAS Experts entered the IT market in 2013. Since then more than 1100 installations were performed both in Russia and abroad. VAS Experts cooperates with businesses from Lebanon, Cyprus, Turkey, Lithuania, Nicaragua, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, etc. Specialists of the company possess rich experience in IT and telecommunications.
Source: VAS Experts