VAS Experts Presents Stingray SG Release 10 – Now With Router Functionality

VAS Experts have made available the new, 10th release of Stingray Service Gateway, the integrated solution for telecom operators. Its main innovation is routing support, based on router daemons (background service software) in a separate space of VRF names.
The main advantages of the new release are:
BIRD acts as the broker: setting the routing protocol, exchanging routing information, compiling the routing table and, via Linux Kernel, transmitting it to fastDPI control module. This way synchronization between BIRD and fastDPI occurs.
Artem Tereschenko, “VAS Experts” Partnership manager:
“Stingray SG new release is different from the previous one: all VLAN (L2 domains) pass to both nodes. They might operate in Active and Passive modes, as well as in balancing mode. After DPI receives ARP, DHCP or PPPOE packet, it performs authorization and, upon its success, starts the subscriber’s routing transmission via OSPF/BGP to a router. If nat pool is initiated, at the moment of its creation DPI starts announcing the public subnet information for a router.
“Router operates on separate: both thread and CPU core. At launch, the system applies default thread parameters — that might be modified in the future. Special note: router adds to memory requirements — on average one should have 160 GB or more for reliable operations. 
“Taking into consideration that Stingray is the DPI system first of all (which assumes operations in BRIDGE mode) — routing support is the big step forward, new possibilities uncovered.”
The new release is already available. If you are willing to use it — “VAS Experts” is ever ready to accept your notes and suggestions on functionality.
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Source: VAS Experts