Variable Content Generation – the New Big Thing in Ad Production is Now Available in Viewst

The advertising market has been growing and developing rapidly in recent years. It is constantly adapting to consumer wishes for personalisation changes, and to every target audience in terms of colours, products, photos, calls to action, language etc.
As a result, there are a multitude of software solutions to create ads of different formats. The challenge lies in automating a greater quantity of and better-quality ads in less time. 
Variable content generation – the new big thing in ad production
Viewst has just shipped a new killer feature for variable content generation. It is easy to use, and it lets you multiply headlines, text and language, images, headlines, and call-to-action buttons to create and test new ad combinations in just a few clicks.
This feature provides three great opportunities: simplification of work, reduction of ad production time, and facilitating increased variability, thereby allowing greater earnings. This feature is extremely important for e-commerce ads, A/B testing, and ad localisation.
“The digital advertising market is growing daily. To say the right words to your customer and to create catchy ads you need to design them quickly and have great variability to reach the mind of each buyer. Variable content generation makes this possible for every marketer and designer, and this is our contribution to the ad market’s development,” said Victoria Duben, Founder/ CEO Viewst.
What is Viewst all about?
Viewst is a marketing automation tool to create banners for all kinds of ad networks in minutes using numerous templates, animation tools, and free assets, etc. It is a one-stop-shop to automate ad production, collaborate, and manage costs.
Viewst was built to help marketers, marketing agencies, and designers as well to make the whole ad production process 10x faster and 10x cheaper while maintaining a professional level of performance.
The first version was launched in April 2020. In one year, the team has shipped some killer features, namely smart resize – to create different sizes from one master banner, team access – to collaborate, background removal, and lots of other essential improvements.
Source: Viewst