VaccineCheck Offers Compliance Solutions for Companies to Avoid Penalties of Up to $14,000 per Employee

With COVID-19 vaccine mandates set to go into effect soon for private companies, VaccineCheck for Business is offering a secure, HIPAA-compliant solution for businesses to verify the vaccination status of their employees. The software also includes options for unvaccinated people to record their test results.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has announced final details on their mandate which requires companies with 100 or more employees to ensure their employees are fully vaccinated by Jan. 4 or undergo COVID testing at least once per week. Many companies and organizations such as hospitals, schools, and the federal government already require their employees to be vaccinated.
“VaccineCheck for Business is a state-verified, HIPAA-compliant way to determine the vaccination status of everyone in the organization and figure out the next steps for each employee,” Chris Nickerson, VaccineCheck’s chief executive officer, said. “Once employees enter their information, they will be directed to either verify their vaccination information or apply for an exemption and receive reminders to submit their test results.”
By verifying vaccination information with statewide vaccine registries, VaccineCheck provides more legitimacy than paper vaccine cards, which can be forged. VaccineCheck can also verify records for those who have lost their card and digitize it for safekeeping. The platform is equipped to deal with different mandates and regulations by state.
“We know that many companies are concerned about how to implement and manage vaccine mandates while complying with HIPAA privacy requirements,” Lance Cassell, VaccineCheck’s chief information officer, said. “Our Verification and Compliance Analytics Dashboard allows HR departments to easily understand whether they are in compliance with the mandate.”
VaccineCheck for Business offers flexible pricing with no long-term commitment and can be launched within 24 hours. Many companies, schools, organizations, and nonprofits around the country have already implemented VaccineCheck programs, enabling over 1.6 million daily screening and verification sessions.
Individuals can also sign up for VaccineCheck and use it to display a secure, verified QR code through a web-based mobile application to show validated proof of vaccination for employment needs, travel, and entrance to venues and events.
About VaccineCheck
VaccineCheck is the industry leader in innovative solutions for digital health card issuance, management, and verification. VaccineCheck’s State Verified Health Record ( platform facilitates e-verification of vaccination records, wellness screening, HIPAA-compliant data collection, and COVID testing compliance and exemption tracking for health departments, enterprise organizations and schools. For more information or to arrange an interview, contact Chandler Smith at 877-721-0624 or
Source: VaccineCheck, LLC