V.L. Ikerd’s New Book ‘Sanctuary: Magic Worlds Book One’ Is A Fantasy Fiction Exploring The Vastness Of The Universe In Search Of An Earth-Like Planet To Live In

Fulton Books author, V.L. Ikerd, a talented man from Northwest Pacific who has work experience in horticulture, construction, and law enforcement; a volunteer firefighter, an EMT, and hardcore Science buff, has completed his most recent book “Sanctuary: Magic Worlds Book One”: a space fantasy that features Stina, a cheerful and very powerful esper—a term for people with extrasensory perception. As an esper, Stina was trained to do planetary surveys, scanning all the life signs and does mineral surveys on every planet that their scout explorer vessel has found. Now the thing is, she discovered a planet that was totally compatible with Earth-life. The compatibility is almost impossible, it made her worry that she might have missed a minute but extremely important detail.
Ikerd shares, “In the far future, humanity has spread to nearly eight hundred planets. All these planets need some very extensive terraforming to be inhabited. Along the way, they meet with another sentient race, who, after some struggles, joins the human race in exploring the galaxy.
Now a group of explorers has discovered a planet so much like Earth that it is statistically impossible. Some of the plants and animals are exact DNA matches to Earth’s flora and fauna. Other flora and fauna, although very alien in appearance, are also compatible to human life. When the explorers discover the reason, it rocks their beliefs to the core and changes their civilization forever.
This is a sci-fi/fantasy story designed to enthrall and delight children and adults alike and open their minds to the possibilities.”
Published by Fulton Books, V.L. Ikerd’s book is an imaginative space adventure that perfectly mixes science-fiction and fantasy elements together. This is the first installment of Ikerd’s sci-fi series that leaves its readers with an exciting cliffhanger ending.
This smart and spectacular read is surely an easy favorite.
Readers who wish to experience this page-turning work can purchase “Sanctuary: Magic Worlds Book One” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books