V Board, an Interactive Whiteboard System That Turns Any Display Into a Touchscreen, is Launching Soon on Kickstarter

While an interactive whiteboard may be a foreign concept to some, it is being vastly implemented in the education department across European and Asian countries. An interactive whiteboard replaces the traditional whiteboard or blackboard with a digitized and streamlined alternative. It has exponentially increased participation, interactivity, and overall productivity in the classroom.
V Board makes this technology accessible to the normal consumer by providing a kit to turn any existing device into the same tablet-like touchscreen. The kit consists of a sensor camera, stylus pen, and native software. The camera automatically calibrates onto a display while the pen emits infrared lights to communicate touch functionalities to the camera. The native software is an annotation application that includes pen tools like highlighter, shapes, recording, and importing existing files like PPT, excel, PDF, etc. It also provides 19 different notepad templates.
“Our team worked extremely hard to make V Board as intuitive and user-friendly as possible,” says CEO Taekyeong Oh. “We want it to integrate seamlessly into people’s existing work or learning environments.” The V Board team self-attests to higher levels of collaboration and excitement while using V Board themselves during their everyday meetings.
As an appreciation for early adopters who recognize potential in innovative technology, V Board’s creators are providing the entire V Board kit at a Kickstarter-exclusive discount of 36% off retail. The kit comes with V Board’s sensor camera, stylus pen, tripod, wall mount, and USB-C cable. The campaign will run for just 30 days on Kickstarter starting Aug. 31, 2021.
HDVISION’s 10-year experience in vision technology was put into V Board, which consequently earned patents in Korea for its groundbreaking technology. It continues to conduct field tests and refine V Board’s technology while preparing for manufacturing. In order to learn more about V Board, please visit its official website: http://vboard.ai/.