UTU.ONE – Keeps You in Tune with Singer Zhavia Ward

UTU Technology Inc. continues to welcome the music industry’s next-generation talent with the announcement that singer Zhavia Ward is set to join the App that will re-define the music industry by leveraging the tech company’s advanced blockchain technology and customized NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) through UTU’s “user-friendly” social platform.
The power of NFTs and blockchain technology is changing the music industry in consort with forward-thinking artists like Zhavia. As NFT music ensures the authenticity of an artists’ creation while protecting it so it cannot be forged, the UTU.ONE platform gives artists added control, allowing them to interact with their fan base and reward true fans with social tokens.
“UTU.ONE offers some promising solutions and, thanks to their social app, will make it easy for artists to reach much larger audiences,” notes Zhavia, “Artists can now choose exactly how they want to monetize their music, instead of being forced to accept a one-size-fits-all model.”
UTU.ONE’s advanced integrated system has already caught the attention of other groundbreaking artists who all belong to a new wave of music creators and early technology adopters, thanks in part to the flexibility of blockchain technology.
The UTU.ONE Platform is currently in its Beta Test Stage. Users can preregister through the following link:
UTU.ONE beta sign-up link: UTU.ONE/Request-Beta-Test
About UTU Technology Inc. – The company was originated in both Australia and Canada with a group of experts in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, with business executives from IBM, Alibaba, Apple, and Deakin University’s Blockchain Innovation Lab. The company developed the world’s first DAC app for iOS and Android on EOSIO, in addition to many other blockchain business solutions and decentralized applications. In 2020, UTU technology Inc. made the strategic decision to establish its HQ in Toronto, Canada to further the company’s business expansions worldwide.
Information on the company can be found at: https://www.utu.one
For all media inquiries, contact: gordon@utu.one
Source: UTU.ONE