utobo Announces Launch of the Elite206 Program

utobo, the simplest platform to create, conduct, and sell online courses, has officially announced the launch of the Elite206 program. The utobo team has always envisioned a future in which acquiring skill sets is completely free, and one in which creators are greatly rewarded for their quality content. To bring this concept into reality, the team has developed Elite206 to help creators in their respective journeys to building successful online coaching brands. The Elite206 Creators Program officially launched on Dec. 2, 2021.
Raj Sahu, the founder of utobo, has brought utobo to Silicon Valley – a goal he has had for the past decade. Sahu relates his journey to that of Po from Dreamwork’s Kung Fu Panda. In the movie, the main character Po became a Kung fu warrior at a time in which many people assumed Kung fu was dead. Sahu believes his arrival to the Palo Alto area comes at a similar time, as many people are currently debating as to whether or not Silicon Valley is dead.
“My father’s monthly income when I was in engineering college was about $50 per month. I had to choose between food and books sometimes. He had to sell our ancestral land for me to continue my studies,” said Sahu. “I created utobo so that no learner in the world would need to go through the most stressful phase of their lives to acquire skills that they will use to benefit society, country and make the world a better place.” 
Unable to justify schools and universities charging thousands of dollars for degrees that are not necessarily required to get a job in today’s age, Sahu set out to create a platform that provides students with the opportunity to continuously learn new skills and implement them to build something valuable. 
“The whole education system needs a complete revolution,” said Sahu. “Most educational experiences include basic memory retention tests, and the information itself is either readily available online or outdated. This structure does nothing to improve implementable skill sets.” 
After receiving an offer to pursue a certification in Business Analytics from a premier global business school, ISB Hyderabad, Sahu was unable to obtain a loan that was meant to go toward his tuition. He quickly realized that this problem was not uncommon, as thousands of students have run into the same exact issue when pursuing their degrees. In particular, he found it especially troubling that some of the best and the brightest students are wasting their time and energy worrying about debt and survival. 
Sahu focused on developing a platform that encouraged learning new skill sets in a simulated environment. With new emerging social experiences such as Facebook’s Metaverse, education is bound to adapt to these kinds of environments in order to improve learning, course completion rates, and overall efficiency. In doing this, the educational experience will be revamped and made to be enjoyable for both students and instructors.    
Sahu is also emphasizing the need to integrate a strategic reward system to motivate learners to acquire new skills. 
“I think our current education system is punishing learners by charging huge amounts of money. The total federal student loan debt stands at nearly $1.8 trillion. This is burdening more than 43 million borrowers. We need to give them a break, and utobo’s innovative, win-win ecosystem has the power to do so. We are going to change the landscape of the whole education system and advance humanity in the process,” said Sahu. 
If you are a passionate creator or educator who is adding significant value to learners’ lives, and believe in utobo’s mission, apply to the Elite206 here: https://elite206.utobo.com. 
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