Using Your Summer Break To Search For Scholarships

For college students, summer vacation is well known as a time to see old friends, relax and recharge, and make money for the upcoming school year. Most students use this time to completely forget about the stresses of college life, but others use summer break as a time to do some of the college-related activities generally set aside during the academic year. <a title=”Student Scholarship Search” href=”” target=”_self”>Searching for scholarships</a> is one of those activities.
If you are, or have ever been, a college student, you know how crazy a schedule can get with classes, papers, exams, and other activities. Even thinking about applying for scholarships is usually out of the question. With more free time than at any other point in the school year, summer break gives students a great opportunity to search and apply for scholarships. Scholarship searching can be extremely time consuming, but spreading the process out over an entire summer will make it much less overwhelming.
No one should have to make searching for <a title=”” href=”” target=”_self”>scholarships</a> a full time job during their summer vacation, but here are a few ways to make the most of your summer scholarship search:
<strong>1: Set aside some time each day:</strong> If you spend an hour a day searching for scholarships, that is seven hours a week and as many as 100 hours total for the summer. Just think about how many applications you could submit in that amount of time!
<strong>2: Submit only high quality applications:</strong> Take your time on applications and make sure you have all of your application pieces (essays, transcript etc.) together before you submit it. Do not waste your time submitting an application that you are not confident about.
<strong>3: Use your community resources: </strong>The Internet is not the only place to search for scholarships. There could be thousands of dollars worth of scholarships in your back yard. Many town organizations, churches and businesses give out scholarships every year. Use your summer vacation go make connections with these groups.
When searching for scholarships it is important to remember that there are scholarships for everyone. Scholarships are not just for valedictorians, star athletes or prodigy musicians. There are scholarships for people of all academic abilities, with a variety of talents, and from any family background. So where do you find these scholarships?
<a title=”Student Scholarship Search” href=”” target=”_self”></a> is one resource that can help you find scholarships that you qualify for. There are new scholarships added to the site every day, with over $9 billion in total scholarship awards represented. You can search for scholarships by specific keywords, or just browse until you find ones that interest you.
The summer is also a great time to put together a scholarship calendar for the year. Many scholarship deadlines fall in March, April and May, which mean you will not be able to apply for them during the summer months. If you missed the boat on a scholarship that you think you might have had a chance of winning, put the call for entries date and the deadline on your calendar for the following year.
When you put the time into scholarship searching it can really pay off. Since scholarships do not have to be paid back they are the most desirable way to foot the bill of your education. With the motivation and drive to look for scholarships and stay on top of deadlines you can come out of the process with some serious financial assistance for college.

About the Author: Kristin Morris is an online marketing associae at Edvisors, Inc. Edvisors runs a network of websites that provide college students and their parent with quality information about college admissions, student loans, financial aid, and scholarships.

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