Using a Cordless Battery Powered Sawzall

A cordless battery powered sawzall is a great asset to your tool collection. It can be used on major construction jobs or jobs around the house. They are easy to use and without a cord to drag around, easy to maneuver.

These sawzalls come with two different types of blades. A fine tooth blade which is used for cutting metal and a coarse blade if you are cutting wood. The blades are a breeze to change and take only seconds to change. Just raise the blade release lever and insert the blade shank side first, lock it down and you are ready to go.

These saws are sold separately and also in kits with other cordless battery powered tools. Most brands are compatible with each other with power and battery life. I recommend getting one with a 18v battery which will give you enough power to cut through most anything.

As far as safety is concerned, these saws being lightweight handle very easily. One thing to beware of is when your getting close to the end of your cut and the material your cutting is starting to bind the blade can get pinched and the saw has a tendency to jump. Always do what you can to avoid your material from binding in this way.

Overall this is a wonderful tool to add to your collection of indoor cordless battery powered tools, along with your cordless battery lawn tools. On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance of having this tool in your shop, I give it a 9. As always work smarter not harder.

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