US Water Filter Company SpringWell Water is Expanding Its Sales to Canada

SpringWell Water, a leading US manufacturer of premium home water treatment solutions, today announced that it is expanding its sales to Canada, a move that’s expected to extend the company’s product offerings to new geographies that present growth opportunities and reinforce its mission to provide every family with clean, refreshing, and contaminate-free drinking water.
“We’re extremely excited for this opportunity to extend our reach to a broader customer base, especially at a time when access to clean drinking water is almost non-existent for many of our neighboring Canadian residents,” said Tommy Stricklin, Springwell’s Chief Water Specialist. “By bringing our industry-leading water treatment technologies and innovative product development capabilities to the large and growing Canadian market, we can continue to provide more families with cleaner and safer drinking water.”
Clean drinking water is essential for good health and well-being. It helps prevent constipation, dehydration, loss of appetite, nausea, difficulty concentrating, diseases and illnesses, and other not-so-pleasant consequences. It also regulates body temperature, improves digestion, aids weight loss, etc. But unfortunately, Canada has had a longstanding issue of a lack of clean drinking water, mainly in communities where water supplies may be contaminated, difficult to access, or at risk due to faulty treatment systems.
With over twenty years of experience in solving residential water quality problems, SpringWell Water designs and manufactures some of the most state-of-the-art, reliable, and efficient residential water treatment solutions in the US. The company’s products include high-performance whole-house water filtration systems, water softeners, well water systems, and many more. They are sold primarily in the US, but the company now has a distribution route to Canada to enable seamless selling and shipping to Canadian customers.
“Our unique and innovative line of products is designed to reduce or remove harmful chemicals, pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals usually found in water supplies. Moreover, we tailor our units specifically to meet the needs of families looking for affordable, reliable, and efficient solutions for their water filtration and purification needs. And thanks to this new sales expansion, Canadians will now be able to shop directly from our online site and have their purchased products shipped directly from our factory,” Stricklin added.
“Moving forward, our focus is on developing more innovative products to provide the cleanest and safest drinking water possible to our customers. As a team, we will continue working tirelessly to ensure the highest quality products and customer service, while improving public health, communities, and the global economy,” Stricklin adds.
About SpringWell Water
Based in Florida, SpringWell Water is one of America’s leading manufacturers of high-quality water treatment products. We’re on a mission to provide every family with clean drinking water while providing the highest quality customer service experience. Our intention wasn’t to change the water filtration industry. We wanted to design and manufacture the best water filters possible, in part by showcasing incredible attention to detail. We strive every day to have excellent Quality Control. That’s why, we’ve been designing, building, and packaging our products here in the USA at our central Florida facility, allowing us to ensure the best possible product for all our customers.
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Source: SpringWell Water Filtration Systems