US Administration Leaves Americans in Limbo Over Lower Drug Costs

The new White House administration is still keeping Americans waiting for lower prescription drug costs. President Joe Biden’s first solo press conference did not reveal any new plans to help rein in prices. Americans are still without answers. Until there is a plan that turns to action, Canada Pharmacy is able to fill the urgent gap. For more than a decade, it has provided safe and affordable medications to U.S. residents.
Where is the Biden Administration’s Plan to Lower Prescription Drug Prices?
After more than 2 months in office, there is no groundwork yet to help roll back some drug costs and slow increasing prices. Efforts by the previous administration to make it easier and cheaper to acquire medications was not successful. No final agreements between the Federal and State governments and drug manufacturers are in place to help lower costs.
While some states like Florida are pursuing access to lower-cost medications for its residents, most Americans don’t have government assistance for it. Data from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) shows the average annual costs for many popular prescriptions jumped in price over 200%. Between 2006 and 2016 the average annual price skyrocketed from $4,202 to $12,951. These costs are unaffordable costs for many.
Canada Pharmacy is a safe and low-cost alternative. It gives people access to licensed, government-regulated pharmacy products, both name brand and generic. Canada Pharmacy ensures the needs of many who don’t have the surplus funds for premium-priced medications can be met.
Who Pays the Price for High Prescription Drug Costs
More than 100 million Americans suffer from a chronic ailment. With millions of Americans with financial pressures, fixed incomes, chronic conditions, only retirement savings, unemployed or uninsured – all of them need help keeping costs down. Their health can’t and shouldn’t wait.
The new Health and Human Services secretary, Xavier Becerra, has previously expressed support for helping Americans source low-cost medication. But so far no plan has been introduced. Efforts to source lower-cost medications from Canada by some states continue, but most Americans are on their own.
Issues with Covid-19 continue to hamper daily life. Finding ways to give people a safer alternative than going to the drug store, while still offering the savings solutions they need, is why Canada Pharmacy has remained a trusted brand for years.
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