Urtasker Marketing Agency Suggests Data Research is Core to Amazon Seller Growth in 2021

It is not perplexing that 2020 was challenging for businesses of all sizes, and many are welcoming the new year with an open embrace. However, if 2020 taught us anything it is that preparation is critical. Urtasker.com, a global marketing agency, is offering a free 2021 keyword research guide to empower Amazon sellers to optimize success in the New Year and beyond.
Amazon boasts millions of transactions daily, and for Amazon sellers, being found within the world’s largest platform can prove critical to their success. In fact, nearly 50% of all U.S. online transactions culminate via Amazon and, hence, keywords are the tie that binds consumer searches to business listings.  
Many businesses admittedly struggle to create a viable keyword strategy. For most, leveraging an Amazon Listing Optimization agency is prudent. However, Urtasker, a leading marketing agency specializing in Amazon account management and online retailer marketing, is arming sellers with an Ultimate Guide to Amazon’s Keyword Research in 2021. This in-depth guide will expound upon Amazon keyword research, how to find seed keywords, how to use Amazon Suggest, best tools for Amazon keyword research and more.
Surely a leading marketing agency could charge clients for this coveted information, but when asked, Omer Riaz, CEO of Urtasker.com, had this to say:
“Urtasker is ultimately here to help propel the success of online sellers. We understand that the challenges to navigate success online are more robust now than ever before. Our team is passionate about data, research and harnessing this information to bolster online success.” He further added, “This in-depth guide is available because we do more than suggest our dedication; we desire to tangibly showcase this notion with guides, articles and free consultations to empower sellers in maximizing their success.”
Urtasker invites businesses that sell on Amazon, or businesses looking to expand their selling power by folding into the massive Amazon seller platform, to embark upon 2021 with a prudent strategy, at no cost nor obligation. Simply request a free consultation with Urtasker marketing experts today.
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