Urtasker Helps Businesses Break Records on Prime Day

Urtasker, a leading Amazon marketing agency, applauds the tremendously successful Amazon Prime Day and their impact on businesses. Once again, Amazon’s Prime Day shattered sales records. While this is a boon to Amazon investors, countless small businesses also had significant reasons to celebrate. Just how big? Consider the lift in the business economy and growth from $11 billion in sales and over 250 million purchases. However, further steep in the knowledge that $1.9 billion in transactions and 70 million purchases were from small businesses alone. While the opportunity is plentiful, visibility to the mass consumers spawns a significant need for Amazon-focused marketing that Urtasker provides.
Amazon further shared that Prime Day culminated in the largest two-day sales for third-party sellers in the history of the organization. What is further staggering is the fact that it was third-party merchants who stood the most to gain, as they outpaced Amazon’s own sales. As well, to add further texture to the growth, the total revenues generated during the two-day event eclipsed 2020’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, which at that time were record-breaking.
With significant growth and complete buyer frenzy, largely purchasing from third-party sellers, it is no wonder that hundreds of businesses rely on Urtasker.com to scale revenue growth and leverage the massive opportunities that culminate from selling on Amazon.com. With this type of exponential growth stems inherent competition.
More than ever, savvy marketing professionals harnessing Amazon Listing optimization and robust Amazon brand management are needed to garner the coveted visibility required to establish a foundation of success.
When asked how businesses could propel their visibility within the marketplace, or simply migrate to Amazon as a new seller, Omer Riaz, CEO of Urtasker.com, shared these thoughts:
“Opportunity is in abundance on Amazon.com. However, to establish a presence and scale growth, more than desire, a proven, knowledgeable team with years of experience is critical. Urtasker leverages a global team of marketing experts to guide and serve clients in many industries so they may increase sales and profitability today, and in the years to come.”
Urtasker invites businesses to explore their options via a no-obligation consultation. Request your free consultation today with Urtasker marketing experts.
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