Urolife Medical Centre Discusses the Causes and Treatment of Kidney Stone

Kidney stones should be treated and removed immediately. It is very important to recognize the symptoms as early as possible.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones
• Frequent attacks of fever and chills
• Intense stomach pain which is often followed by nausea
• Cloudy urine
• Pain and burning sensation while urinating
• Blood in the urine (this condition is known as haematuria)
• Frequent urge to urinate
• Back pain and pain in the abdomen

Causes of Kidney Stones
Kidney stones can be caused by several factors like chronic diarrhea, the formation of cysts in the kidney, high blood pressure, osteoporosis or even diabetes. People with a family history of kidney stones or certain urological diseases should be very careful as they are more likely to develop stones. Usually, males and females between the age of 20 and 50 are affected by kidney stones.

Kidney stones also occur during pregnancy. They cause acute abdominal pain which is often ignored and thought to be a result of the pregnancy. However, if the condition is not diagnosed, then they can lead to extreme pain and many complications during labour. Kidney stones during pregnancy usually occur in the second or third trimester. The most common causes are urinary tract infections and insufficient intake of fluids. The latter leads to a high concentration of calcium and phosphates in the urine. The woman’s genetic makeup can also be a cause as that will determine the body’s response to certain conditions and as mentioned above, if her family has a history of kidney stone formation, then she too can develop them. Hypercalciuria is a condition that affects pregnant women. It leads to high levels of calcium in the urine and causes crystallization (formation of kidney stones).

For kidney stone treatment and removal, the first thing a patient should do is increase water and fluid intake. This will help in dilution of minerals, organic salts, and urine. The patient should completely stop consuming any food that is artificially sweetened or contains excess salts.

It is highly recommended to consult your doctor as soon as possible. Timely kidney stone removal is necessary to avoid any further complications.

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