Urgent Care Providers Respond to AMA Principles for Urgent Care

During its June 2021 Special Meeting, the American Medical Association House of Delegates adopted a policy calling on entities that establish or operate urgent care centers to follow several principles focusing on the value of urgent care visits as complements to the primary care physician or usual source of care.
The Urgent Care Association (UCA) and College of Urgent Care Medicine (CUCM), on behalf of all urgent care centers, would like to reassure the AMA HOD that the principles issued in this policy are already long-standing practices in urgent care centers and are also an integral part of UCA’s Standards for Accreditation for urgent care centers.
Specifically, urgent care centers assist patients in finding a primary care provider when one is desired, provide copies of discharge summaries and medical records in accordance with regulations including the CARES Act to the patient and/or primary care provider when possible.
Urgent care centers do serve varying roles according to the needs of their communities, including hybrid urgent care/primary care centers where primary care offices are scarce compared to community need. Urgent care centers also serve as lower-cost sites of care for more serious conditions that might otherwise be seen in a higher-cost ER. Urgent care centers are structured, staffed and managed in ways that ensure they can be responsive to localized patient needs.
Both UCA and CUCM applaud the AMA’s interest in the role of urgent care in the healthcare continuum and the call for better coordination across provider office visits, urgent care centers and emergency departments. UCA and CUCM invite the AMA to include urgent care-based representatives should they host further conversations toward this goal. This is already a priority in the urgent care industry and the support of the AMA is appreciated.
About the Urgent Care Association
The Urgent Care Association (UCA) is a membership association of leaders, providers, and suppliers in the field of on-demand, consumer-focused healthcare. UCA advances the industry and supports member success through advocacy, research, education, collaboration, and high standards of care. The association maintains an active online presence and member community for daily exchange of best practices. For more information, visit www.ucaoa.org.
About the College of Urgent Care Medicine
The College of Urgent Care Medicine (CUCM) was founded by physicians from the Urgent Care Association to provide a physician voice for the specialty. In 2016 the membership of CUCM expanded to include physician assistants and nurse practitioners and in 2020 to include all UCA clinician members. CUCM and UCA continue to work closely to advance the clinical practice of urgent care medicine.
Source: Urgent Care Association