Upstryve Launches Webinars for Aspiring Trade Professionals

Upstryve’s business model is delivering an online learning experience that is custom-built to the needs of every student. Preparing students for success in their chosen field, Upstryve uniquely offers future trade professionals various avenues to achieve an affordable, all-encompassing learning experience.
Students are matched with seasoned experts (many of whom are established business owners) in their trade, by using their proprietary matching platform that guides a successful road map of their careers. Students are then encouraged to schedule one-on-one tutoring sessions and purchase study materials via the Upstryve bookstore, at their own pace.
Upstryve’s novel approach of innovating methods in teaching lends itself to reimagining ways of reaching present and future students. One such offer is the Knowledge Up series that has already been making waves within the trade industry. The series will focus on leading Upstryve tutors imparting theirknow-how expertise to students in their trade professions. In addition to their valuable insights in their field rich with personal anecdotes, participants will be able to join in a live Question and Answering session. 
The series had a successful debut with former CEO and M.I.T graduate, Hugo Villegas. If you are interested in registering for the next webinar click here and sign up. The series is free with limited seating and will be on June 8th at 8pm EST.
Register For June 8th Webinar
Source: Upstryve