UpsideLMS Employees Video Message to Covid19 Frontline Helpers

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected all countries, businesses, and people at scale. It has taken away jobs, freedom, peace, dreams, livelihoods and aspirations from the poor and the wealthy, the young and the old, the rural and urban dwellers alike. But it has served ample learning in the areas of humanity and empathy. It has shown the world that there is hope in form of frontline helpers who put themselves in harm’s way to protect communities and human beings. UpsideLMS, a leading provider of learning solutions to businesses worldwide, salutes these human heroes in a special video message called ‘KuchSeekhRahe Hai Hum’ (translation: We are learning something new). The video was released on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram through the company’s official social channels.

‘KuchSeekhRahe Hai Hum’ is a Hindi (National language of India) rendition composed specially for UpsideLMS by a leading Creative Writer. The 2 minute message elaborates how Covid-19 is teaching us some new and old things, and features over 40 team members from UpsideLMS. It brings people’s attention to the lesser acknowledged fact of the new order – ‘learning’ and through its inspirational lyrics, evokes an attitude of gratitude not just for the healthcare workers, police force and the Government, but also for the hidden opportunities this challenge holds for everyone.

Amit Gautam, CEO of UpsideLMS, who has lent his wholehearted support to the video, said, “As a company that is committed to organizational learning and development, “learning” is a part of our DNA. I am proud of my team who rose the occasion and learnt new things to transition to a remote working environment.” He added further, “My heart goes out to everyone affected by this pandemic.But I also appeal one and all to learn and adapt to the new normal, and express gratitude to the frontline workers who are toiling day and night to bring stability and peace to the world.”

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