UpsideLMS demonstrates Employee-first approach; Rolls out Remote Working for its team during COVID-19 outbreak

Coronavirus outbreak has not just affected a city or a country, but has taken the world by storm – infecting over 3,00,000, killing over 14,000 and crippling hundreds of millions of people around the globe. The impact, so sudden, did not give much time to anyone to stop, think and plan. But not for UpsideLMS. A leading provider of learning technology solutions to enterprises worldwide, UpsideLMS, under the leadership of Amit Gautam, developed and implemented a response to the situation in record time by enabling remote working to its 80 strong workforce based in Pune, India.

The move was critical as Maharashtra and Pune, in particular, has emerged as the hotspot for COVID-19 in India. UpsideLMS initiated work for home for its team in batches starting 16th March with the entire rollout being completed in just 3 days for all its team members – across all levels and functions. The company not only closely monitored the situation and followed all Government specified precautions, it also restricted to-and-fro travel ban for its team and vendors, moved all meetings to a virtual mode while sensitizing employees through online communication.

In his communique to the UpsideLMS team, Amit, CEO-UpsideLMS, wrote, “Every difficult time is a test of our grit and our attitude. I look at every trying time as an opportunity to learn and become stronger and better and this is no different. As a team, let’s look at this as an interesting time and not a time that’s crippling us. On the contrary, it may be the time that makes us free-er and gives us more options to work location-agnostic!”

To his team he appealed, “I am counting on every one of you to show our customers and to each other that we are solid and can counter many such situations head-on and come out not only victorious but also smiling every time.”

UpsideLMS’ commitment to its people goes both ways – for its employees and for its customers and community alike. Along with remote working, the provider of world-renowned LMS and online content library has also made a pandemic awareness video available free of charge to its 150+ customers, and anyone and everyone through Plethora Free Trial