UpsideLMS and Plethora in Association With SHRM Announces a Roundtable Conference to ‘Disrupt the New’

UpsideLMS and Plethora in association with SHRM are pleased to announce a thought-provoking roundtable discussion – ‘L&D: Next 2 years!’ that will be held on 3rdDec at 3PM IST. The roundtable discussion on the future of employee skilling and development will feature panellists of true experts in the L&D ecosystem – Amit Gautam, CEO of UpsideLMS and Vijay Gogoi, Executive Director & Lead at KPMG Academy. Together they will discuss, deliberate, and distil their rich knowledge on learning content, the tech stack, and the entire ecosystem – its current state and the end goal.

India’s leading AI-powered learning platform and recently awarded Top 20 LMS Company for 2020, UpsideLMS leverages almost two decades of industry knowledge, expertise, and excellence to constantly #DisrupttheNew by discovering new trends in the areas of skill development that are needed to thrive in tomorrow’s workplace.

“The world of work, as we know it, has undergone a paradigm shift since the global pandemic disrupted our lens to the workplace, the workforce and everything in between. In a matter of a few days, organizations transformed digitally, transitioning their working, doing and learning into a virtual avatar. It’s the latter that became a common thread amongst functions and BUs, CXOs and entry-level employees, industries and geographies as companies embraced and embedded digital Learning and Development (L&D) into their employee capability development and skilling interventions.” shares Amit Gautam ahead of the roundtable discussion.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered during the discussion:

• Paradigm shift for L&D
• Learning consumption and design: A fresh start
• Building learning resilience &adoption
• The changing role of L&D function

“If anything, the last 8 months have just allowed L&D to scratch the surface of employee training. It’s the coming years that will set the tone for learning design and consumption. It will nudge HR and L&D professionals to evolve into true learning partners.” says Amit.

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