Updated: Voltus Exceeds Its Commitment to Provide Needed Demand Relief to the MISO Grid During June Extreme Weather Event

Voltus, Inc., a leading distributed energy resource (DER) technology company and DER aggregator, today reports that it delivered more than its commitment during the June 10 Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) Load Modifying Resource (LMR) demand response event. LMR was called by MISO in response to unplanned generator outages and higher than expected electricity demand linked to a heatwave throughout the Midwestern US.
“Voltus exists to reinforce and support the reliability of our electric grid during these increasingly frequent extreme weather events,” explains Gregg Dixon, Voltus CEO and Co-founder. “Our technology and our customers are prepared to quickly and effectively respond when activated by MISO, helping to prevent rolling blackouts that put our community’s health and livelihood at risk.”
Aggregators of Retail Customers (ARCs), like Voltus, primarily serve customers in Illinois, parts of Texas, and the 10 percent of Michigan customers in the Electric Choice program. Nearly all of the remaining MISO territory bans ARC market participation, an allowance currently being challenged by a recent Notice of Inquiry tied to FERC Order 2222.
“Voltus mobilizes distributed energy resources (DERs) that would otherwise be sitting idle to contribute to the stability of the grid,” continues Dixon. “DER portfolios remain a proven, quick-to-market resource that grid operators can use to address the increasingly complex challenge of balancing electricity supply and demand.”
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